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In any business that desires to be successful there must be a strong emphasis on meeting the customers needs with the services you provide. Whether it be a knowledgeable salesperson, prompt e-mail responses, or just a simple “Thank you for your business”, customer service is vital to creating long term repeat clients. For over 15 years B&B Metal Designs has striven to meet the client needs in order to ensure the best possible purchasing experience. In this months blog we are sure that you will see many of the customer service details that we provide that quite frankly, our competitors just cant provide. With  a combined experience of over 30 years in window treatment, sales, fabrication, installation, and hardware manufacturing we have a unparalleled ability to see the whole picture.

When most individuals in the window treatment business are primarily fluent only in their respective product, we are able to assess many different window treatment applications utilizing several different products, layered, to produce the final overall treatment. Because of this experience we are able to provide a level of expertise that is unmatched. B&B Metal Designs has made its name from these very applications. When we started hardware fabrication in Nashville, TN our claim to fame was our ability to produce custom drapery hardware for difficult applications, from 30 foot bowed applications using square tubing, to award winning ivy cornices, we pride ourselves on meeting your specialty needs.

Another great benefit for using us is our local touch. We have a wide network of installers, workrooms, and designers that can help in providing many of the services that we offer. Two of the most useful services is measuring and installing. If you are in one of the many areas that we currently have industry partners and affiliates we can provide measuring and templates for custom projects as well as providing installers who are well accustomed to installing our hardware. When using custom iron hardware it always a best practice to use a professional installer and take advantage of the measuring services when applicable, at B&B Metal Designs we are glad that we are able to provide those services for you.

Lastly our personal touch. When you call, email, meet, or interact with any of our staff you our engaging with someone who is deeply committed to our company and the values we hold, which in turn means they care about you. When you talk with one of us on the phone you are speaking with someone who is knowledgeable in drapery hardware and cares about getting you the right product for your application. We care about making sure that when the final product reaches the end user that the client is very pleased and happy with the decisions they have made. By using B&B Metal Designs we hope that we can help you achieve that on every job. The bottom line is the final user. When we are able to meet the needs for our clients whether that is the right finish on curtain rings, correct drapery rod lengths, proper wand/baton usage, or any of the other curtain hardware we carry, when we are able to meet those needs, what we are really say is we care about you and we care about getting you the best drapery hardware, best window treatment, and best customer service in the industry.

We would like to take this time to thank all of our loyal clients that have been ordering their custom iron drapery hardware from us. Without you we could not be where we are today. Thank you so much for your business and we pray that you continue to thrive in your own businesses. Thank you so much!

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