New Accessories for 2018

Hello everyone out there in Window Treatmentland!

We have several new additions to our product line this year, so many in fact that we need to be break it down into categories, this month we are rolling out a few new accessories that we believe you will be very excited about. At BBMD’s we are always looking for ways to diversify our product line with products that help to serve our clients. When it comes to drapery hardware, functionality is at the forefront of defining quality. We know that with iron drapery hardware it can be challenging to draw open and close at times. We have all used silicone spray and some of us use wands/batons. Recently we have worked with a company that manufactures adhesives for several large companies around the globe.  We approached them about providing us with a low profile, highly durable adhesive that can be applied to the top of our drapery rods to help with the friction and also reduce noise. The result was a very thin highly durable product that is highly effective in reducing noise and friction. The product is called Muffling Tape. There are “similar” products on the market but NONE are truly comparable to this tape, here are few differences. Our taper is virtually transparent, its thinner than competitors without losing any durability, the tape itself is is comparable to Teflon in friction reduction but surpasses it in abrasion resistance.

So you may be asking yourself how you get your hands on this product. Well, there are two options, the first is to purchase it as an add-on to an existing drapery rod order. The tape cost $1.00 per foot applied. The other option is to buy it by the roll, which is 108 feet. The cost for the roll is $50.00 which is about .46 cent p/ft. We currently only offer this product in 1/2″ widths, we are looking into the possibility of offering in the 3/4″ width which would be useful for large wooden fluted poles. The current 1/2″ width is best used on 3/4″-1 1/2″ smooth round rods (Iron or Wood).

Muffling Tape


The next product most of you are already familiar with is a 3/8″ fiber glass wand. This is a very rigid product that is comparable in rigidity to our iron wand. We have partnered with a manufacturing company to allow us to offer you this wand in any size fro 1″-96″ length. We will have 2 standard sizes 48″ and 60″ but you will be able to customize your length as you wish. This product also comes with a stainless steel clip to prevent any rust. You can purchase these wands individually or as a pack of 10. Pricing is as follows:

48″ – $6.00ea —– 10pc $50.00

60″ – $8.00ea —– 10pc $70.00

Custom Length: $8.00ea up to 48″ —– 10pc $70.00 / $12.00ea up to 96″ —– 10pc $110.00

We are offering these not as a competitor but as a convenience. We hope that this will help in allowing you to get all the products that you need for you iron drapery hardware from one location

3/8″ Fiberglass Wand/Baton


Lastly we are re-introducing a product that has not be marketed from us in a loooong time, and that is Farm House Hooks. We have two options, a twisted hook and a pointed hook. Both of these products are hand forged out of mild steel, they come in any finish, and can be used in several different applications. Many designers and workrooms are using these as tie back holders, clothing hooks, hat hooks, or even hanging panels from them. The cost for these hooks are $10.00 each for either style, or $80.00 for a set of 10.


Farm House Hooks


We hope that the addition of these products will provide you with the ability to present your clients with more high quality accessories for your drapery hardware. As always if you have any questions pertaining to any the information located on this website please do not hesitate to email or call us at anytime. Thank you so much for your continued support of B&B Metal Designs.

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