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Over the past 15 years B&B Metal Designs has sought to provide unique, durable, and consistent finishes. We get asked quite often about what finishes we provide, questions like “can I get a custom color match” or “do you offer powder coating”. The answer to these are yes and yes! Our standard finish application follows a 5 step wet finish application that includes, etching the material, and applying a minimum of 4 layers of primer, base, and sealer coats. Along with our standard finishes, which we can provide you with a Sample Set  , we also offer the capabilities to custom match just about any finish you are looking for. This would include, most plating processes i.e. brass, chrome, bronze, etc… powder coating, as well as wet finishes, and chemical finishes.

Our most common request that we receive is for color matches. Wet finish color matches are a 15% up-charge  to the entire order. The requirements for this is either a spec number for the paint or a hard sample that we can match and have for approval. Lead times on wet finish color matches will vary slightly from our general . But in many cases the lead time would be the same. Our second most common request is powder coating, generally this is requested when a client is wanting to provide an outdoor treatment. We can match most solid colors and provide some options for antiquing. Pricing is based per order. Some clients will only want to powder coat the rod and do a standard wet finish for the rest of the hardware, while some clients want the entire project powder coated. Either way is acceptable for any application.

What some of you may not be aware of is this. We offer 14 standard finishes that do not require any up-charges, then along with that we have 10 finishes that are antiqued. This makes 24 in-house finishes that you and your clients can choose from. This gives you the designer a wide array of finish options that are readily available for any of your projects, opening the door to offer your client more options and unique applications. At B&B Metal Designs we strive to give our clients the complete ability to customize their curtain hardware. In our field we have end user with high expectations for originality, value, and craftsmanship. By offering such a wide variety of finishes options we are confident that we can excel in all three of the stated expectations.

As always if you have any questions pertaining to any of our products please feel free to Contact Us.

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