B and B Metal Designs YouTube Channel Video Tutorials

YouTube Channel Video Tutorials

Hello designers and workrooms~

Do you ever wonder how to measure, order, or install our products? Sometimes it can be difficult. Especially working with custom fabricated drapery hardware. We want to solve those problems for you. So we created a Youtube Channel of Video Tutorials!

We are extremely excited to roll out a new initiative that we have been working very hard on. It is our new YouTube Channel of video tutorials. We have put together a series of videos that will help you to order, measure, and install our products. The goal is the reduction of any possible mistakes made in the measuring, ordering, and installation process; which in turn helps you to be more profitable as a business owner. This series of video tutorials will allow you to see success on all sides to be a hero for your customers.

These video tutorials of us performing tasks that you commonly do are here to provide a resource for you to place orders, measure accurately, and install our hardware successfully. Currently, we have three videos available for you to watch.


Over the next several months, we will be releasing more video tutorials on different topics that deal specifically with our products. If you have requests, we want to know what you’re looking to do better! Within these video tutorials you will see us measuring, ordering, and purchasing our hardware. This will allow you to replicate the ordering, measuring and buying process; even with our most difficult products.

Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s blog about our Video Tutorials. Your next step is to visit our Youtube Channel.

As always, if you have questions pertaining to any of our products, please email info@shopbbhardware.com.

Thank you again for your business and have a great day.

Check out our YouTube Channel HERE

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