2021 New Finishes and Samples

We very excited to offer our clients new and improved ways of visualizing and ordering finishes from BB Hardware. In an effort to stream line our finishes we are now offering them in 3 tiers. These tiers include our standard finish options, our hand applied finishes, and our powder coat options. Within these three tiers there are several new finishes that are described as follows.

Tier 1 & Tier 2

Muted Finishes: Pale Gold, Old Gold and Brass. What we’ve done with these three finishes is basically flattened out the color. There is very little to zero shimmer in the finish and it is sealed in a matte finish. The finish was created to help our clients receive a raw brass look that many clients have been asking for.

Brushed Finishes: Platinum, Brass, Nickel, Pale Gold, Old Gold, Bronze, Pewter, and Steel Gray. We have taken these finishes hand applied a brushed finish to the top coat. All these finishes lend themselves to looking very similar to a natural brushed finish that you would receive on a piece of stainless steel, bronze, etc…

High Brass: Brass finish with a glossy finish. (This finish DOES NOT resemble a true polished brass)

Platinum: Very similar to our existing silver but has a more cool tone than silver.  This finish looks best as a brushed finish as the brushed texture brings out more highlights.

Nickel: This finish comes through like a true nickel. In the right lighting it may have some rose gold hints to it.

Steel Gray: This is a deep dark gray that has a slight shimmer to it. Nothing fancy but a wonderfully unique finish that would look good in applications where black is too boring and English Brown is too brown.

Vanderbilt: This is exactly what the name suggest. We’ve taken old gold and applied it by brush to our standard black finish. Its a beautiful traditional finish that is used best on floral finials and decorative rods such as the twisted or hammered drapery rods.

Tier 3 Powder Coated Options

Along with our previous powder coat options we have added the following.

Silver Vein: Black base with a large deep hammered pewter texture

Hammered Pewter: Dark gray base with a smaller light silver/gray hammered texture

Venus Gold: Bronzy textured top over a dark base

Mirror: This is a high sheen silver finish. This finish resembles a polished chrome. (This finish is not polished chrome. It has none of the reflective properties of polished chrome)

White: This is a stark high gloss white finish.

How do we see the new finishes???

We now have two options for viewing our finishes. The first and most convenient is our online options. You can now view all of our finishes online at you convenience, any place any time at any device. Simply go to shopbbhardware.com/finish-guide from there you can navigate to all three tiers and see expanded views of our finishes as well as information about our finishes. We are pushing to have this as our primary means of delivering finish samples to our clients.

However we know that there is nothing quite like having a hard set of samples to show your clients. So as always we have sample sets available. We are now offering our sample sets in tier sections so you only have to purchase what you use. You can purchase tiers 1-3 individually starting at $50 per set for tier 1 and tier 2, tier 3 will be offered at $75.

Another option if you are not wanting to purchase a full sample set you can always request a sample from us for $25 for a 1 foot section of 1″ diameter rod in the finish of your choosing.

We are very excited about releasing these new finishes as we are confident that they will allow our clients to have more choices for finishes and ultimately create a more custom look for their clients. 

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