Track Rods

B&B Metal Designs’ track has been designed to meet diverse needs in window treatment hardware. This product surpasses any other fully enclosed decorative track system by its ability to span 20 feet without interruption. This gives us the amazing ability to span 40 feet with center draw draperies! For ease of installation, track rods up to 12 feet can be mounted with our standard cradle bracket.

This track uses industry standard steel ball bearing carriers. Unlike many track rods that still use static carriers, the ball bearing carrier allows for effortless operation of a drapery panel. We achieve light control using 8 wheel overlap carriers. In keeping with our culture of producing the most customizable drapery hardware in the country, you can order your track rod with any projection, with any of our finishes, and any of our finials.

B&B Metal Designs are confident that our new track rod system will allow us to collaborate on projects which we would not have been able to work together on in the past. If you have any questions about proper application or the best solution for your window treatment hardware, then please reach out at your convenience.

Roller Carrier

We carry ripple fold and standard ball bearing carriers. Ball bearing carriers and roller carriers create effortless functionality.

Overlap Carrier

Overlap carriers are critical in ensuring that there are no light gaps between the leading edges of your draperies.

Pass-Through Bracket

Pass-Thru brackets allow us span up to 20ft with no interruptions in the draperies path.

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